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1 gallon Aniline Cleaner For Aniline leathers: Designed to gently clean delicate aniline leathers
1 gallon Nubuck Cleaner For Nubuck leathers: Formulated for cleaning sensitive nubuck leathers
1 gallon Mild Cleaner For Finished leathers: Product is used on finished and some aniline leathers.
1 gallon Deep Cleaner For Finished leathers: Deep cleans the most heavily soiled finished leathers
1 gallon Cleaner & Rejuvinator For Finished leathers: This product cleans and rejuvenates finished leathers.
Leather Care Technicians Manual The basis for all leather seminars. 24 chapters with color step by step pictures. Ideal reference material.

Leather Pro Leather Care Technician Manual: 225 Pages in Full Color. Over 100 Pictures of step-by-step leather cleaning procedures. The Manual is the same manual Leather Pro uses in teaching the IICRC Leather Cleaning Technician Course. Manual covers the gambit of History, Definitions, Tanning, Identification, Leather Types, Cleaning, Potential issues and much more....
Leather Swatches These swatches coordinate with the Manual and are a valuable reference material for all cleaners.