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The Cutting Edge of Floor Sanding Technology


This four-pad sander utilizes a random orbit technology, enabling it to sand floors without difficulty or damage. Changing sandpaper on the U-Sand is easy and does not require any tools. 
25 feet lengths

The U-Sand uses one machine to do the work of three (a drum sander, edger, and buffer). The U-Sand’s attached wheels allow for easy maneuvering, as well as transporting.
1.5 HP, 110 volts, 14.2 AMP, 3450 rpm

125 lbs.
U-Sand technology means it is possible to sand across the grain. Unlike traditional sanders, there are no worries of gouges or damage to floors. Anyone can use the lightweight U-Sand.
Built in with easy to empty bag

113 square feet

Sandpaper is available for every job, from sanding domestic to exotic woods from all over the world. We stock a variety of sandpaper for use with the U-Sand. These include, 24, 36, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, and 180 grit sandpapers. We also carry buffing pads for the U-Sand for use between the first and second coat of polyurethane or if you would like to scuff your floor.

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