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VIPER VENOM CR22GL, CR22PL The original tile and grout cleaner. VIPER VENOM is the solution of choice for those who prefer a high alkaline, solvent fortified, chemical for heavy soil. It will remove years of built-up grease, soil and stains. VIPER VENOM dilutes with one part water for use on tile and grout. It can also be use on a variety of other hard surfaces when properly diluted with water. RTU pH = 12 Dilution Range = 1:1 - 1:32
FOAM-LESS limits foam in your extraction cleaning equipment, which protects equipment and preserves cleaning effectiveness. It controls foam from detergent residue build up from previous cleanings and foam created by high water pressure and/or flow during extraction. Add to vacuum hose while cleaning or to waste tank before cleaning. Dilution Ratios: Add 8 oz. to gallon of hot water for use in vacuum hose or 1 to 2 oz. of concentrate directly to waste tank.