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Pro's Choice "Stain Magic" removes all the stains caused by organic materials such as wood furniture, coffee, wine, urine, blood, vomit and much more.
No More Mixing!

The new dual chamber trigger sprayer makes life much easier by mixing two part products like Red Relief and Stain Magic for you. Available now from your Pro's Choice Distributor.

Stain Magic for wool gives you the ability to remove organic stains (urine, wine, coffee, etc.) from wool fibers.
Red ReliefNow you can totally remove food and drink dye stains. Not a heat transfer type product. Pro's Choice "Red Relief" actually alters the stain color to simply make it disappear as if by magic.

You have to see it to believe it!

No More Mixing by hand!

The new dual chamber trigger sprayer makes life much easier by mixing two part products like Red Relief and Stain Magic for you.
Red Relief for wool is formulated specifically to remove food dye stains from natural fibers. Do not use on Nylon, Olefin, or other synthetic fibers.
Pro Solve Gel Pro-Solve Gel is the perfect chemical tool for carpet men. Nail Polish, Ink, Oil Paint, Latex Paint, Gum, Tar, and many more impossible spots are easily removed with this amazing gel. Dilution: RTU pH at dilution: 7 Container Sizes: 6 oz. tube Form: Gel
Pro’s Choice Stain Removal Guide Covers the removal of all types of stains and spots This over 60 page stain removal guide, which is included in the Pro’s Choice Professional Spotting Kit, covers the removal of all types of stains with precise procedures using the stain removers from CTI, such as Stain Magic and Red Relief.
Power Gel The most concentrated blend of solvents and surfactants engineered to dissolve and suspend petroleum based soils and extremely fine particulate soils. Uses include filtration lines, copy toner spills, hair dye and more. Dilution: Up to 4 oz. per gallon water pH at dilution: 12 Container Sizes: 16 oz. bottle and Gallon Form: Gel
Ink Out Pro's Choice "Ink Out" eliminates the difficulty of spreading the stain. "Ink Out" actually dissolves and holds ink in suspension so you can simply extraction clean the spot away. Dilution: RTU pH at dilution: 7 Container Sizes: 16 oz. bottle Form: Liquid

This kit contains all the primary chemicals you will need to remove most stains complete with 7 chemicals, mixing bottles, pipets, towels and the complete Stain Guide in a durable molded case.
Rust Away Pro's Choice "Rust Away" is very fast acting to quickly and completely remove rust from nearly any surface. Removal is safe, simple and economical. Just apply to rust, agitate and rinse clean. "Rust Away" does not contain hazardous Hydrofluoric acids. Dilution: RTU pH at dilution: 3 Container Sizes: Pint Form: Liquid
Gumbe Gone Gumbe Gone combines unequaled solvency with Penetrator Crystals that dissolved gum deposits from the inside out. Once dissolved the gum can be easily rinsed away. Dilution: RTU pH at dilution: 7 Container Sizes: 8 oz. jar Form: Gel with suspended crystals
D.C.I. stands for Detection, Activation, and Inspection. Detection of pet urine, Activation of stain removal chemistry, and Inspection of that poorly lit room in which you need added light to accurately access the job. The DCI light comes with 3 separate light tubes to accomplish these functions. You will find each light is labeled for the type of function for which it is designed. Detection: The Pet Urine Detection Tube is a long wave UV - UV A tube. It will cause pet urine residues to fluoresce in the dark. Urine deposits on a white carpet will appear to be yellow or yellow/green. Optical brighteners, frequently added to consumer cleaning product, will fluoresce in white or blue/white colors. To use the light effectively you must have the area to be inspected nearly completely dark. If the room is not dark it will be difficult to see the urine deposits. Activation: The Chemical Activation Tube is a tube that emits UVA & UVB electromagnetic frequencies. The energy emitted by this tube provides added reaction energy to the stain remover Stain Magic. Using this chemical activation light will give you the power to remove stains you would otherwise not be able to remove. Stains that will respond to the Stain Magic plus Chemical Activation light treatment are stains with an organic origin, such as furniture stains, urine, vomit, coffee, mustard, curry, berry and fruit stains. How fast should the stain disappear? This will depend on: The type of stained fiber. The type and age of stain resistance on the fiber. The age of the stain. The type of stain. What prior treatments have been performed on the stain. The ambient temperature of the floor being treated. The quantity of product applied. The simple answer is that many stains will disappear within 1-2 hours. More difficult stain may require 12 hours. Don't expect the stain that has been impossible for everyone else to remove to disappear within 5 minutes. It just doesn't happen. The best procedure is to: Thoroughly rinse the area clean with clear hot water extraction. Blot the stained area as dry as possible with a clean white terry towel. Liberally apply a freshly mixed solution of Stain Magic. Cover spot with clear plastic wrap. Cover spot with the DCI Light (make sure the chemical activation tube is in place). Allow the light to remain on for up to 24 hours or until the stain disappears, which ever comes first. For removal of specific stain, use the Pro’s Choice 50 page Stain Guide
Stain Blotter FOR CARPET & UPHOLSTERY Your answer for recurring spots caused by "wicking". Soaks up stains and spills during the drying process so the soil ends up in the absorbent, not the fibers. SAFE & EASY TO USE Simply apply to spot and vacuum up after drying (follow directions on container.) Dilution: RTU pH at dilution: N/A Container Sizes: Gallon Form: Powder
FSR FSR is a most powerful soil remover. You will find that FSR not only easily removes the most stubborn filtration soil but also removes many other stubborn soils such as Ink, Grease, Hair Dye, Mascara, Lipstick, etc. Dilution: RTU pH at dilution: 8 Container Sizes: Pint Form: Gel
This compact rugged spot cleaner was designed for powerful extraction yet weighs only 23 pounds! Use the Tempo spot extractor for touch-ups and spot removal between scheduled carpet cleanings, and in those hard-to-reach places where the bigger extractors just can't fit. •2 stage vacuum motor •55 PSI pump •85" water lift •23 lbs. •Rotationally molded polyethylene body •1 1/2 gallon capacity •25’ 16/3 power cord •8’ vacuum and solution hose assembly with 3" stainless steel upholstery tool.
All purpous spotter
Oxy Orange removes your most difficult spots and stains quickly and safely using the newest formulation of natures chemistry.
GUM GEL is a citrus solvent formulated to stay on the spot full strength and work fast. You won.t find a better chemical for gum removal. It also does a killer job on a wide range of other spots such as tar, grease, cosmetics and most types of ink. Don.t worry, GUM GEL is merciless on gum and spots but it.s safe for you and the carpet you.re cleaning.