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The Microban® treatment on water losses is recognized by major insurance companies! Water-based, bactericide, fungicide, deodorant, and insecticide all in one unique formulation. One application kills insects, mold, mildew, bacteria odors, and provides long lasting residual protection. Microban® is E.P.A. approved for many decontamination applications including: sewage backups, removal of carcasses, etc. Microban® X-580 Institutional Spray Plus kills gram negative bacteria, the bacteria encountered in sewage backups and toilet overflow situations. Microban® X580 Institiuional Spray Plus is E.P.A. approved for both spray and ULV fog application. Microban® X-580 Institutional Spray Plus kills roaches, fleas, ants, beetles, bedbugs, and their larvae. Microban® X-580 Insitutional Spray Plus protects stored fabrics against textile destroying insects for 6 months!
Tired of lifting and spilling contents of pails or using a siphon or a drum? Replace those old methods with these unique double action pumps. They deliver the chemical at low pressure in high volume. The design of the pumps results in no friction and no parts to wear or jam. Both pumps are compatible with acid and alkaline cleaning chemicals with solvents. Do not use with strong solvents.