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Description and use

Enviro Klean SafRestorer breaks the grip of stubborn atmospheric and carbon staining on masonry and stone for easy rinsing away. It restores the intended appearance of buildings soiled by decades of auto exhaust and other air pollutants. Enviro Klean SafRestorer also gets rid of soiling and hard-to-remove deposits on window glass, including white scum.

Unlike many conventional restoration cleaners, low-odor, non-fuming EK SafRestorer is safe for use around most architectural metal. This highly efficient liquid restoration cleaner is suitable for a wide variety of stone and masonry, including unpolished limestone and marble.


  • Fast and effective on most masonry surfaces.
  • Safe for unpolished limestone and marble.
  • Will not etch or discolor most glass, architectural metals or painted surfaces.
  • Low-odor, non-fuming formulation.
  • Contains no mineral acids.


  • Not suitable for polished surfaces.
  • Not intended for routine maintenance glass cleaning.
  • Not for use on treated low-E glass; acrylic and polycarbonate sheet glazing; and glazing with surface-applied reflective, metallic or other synthetic coatings or films.
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