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SLX100 Water & Oil Repellent

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SLX100 Water & Oil Repellent

Description and use

Stand Off SLX100 Water & Oil Repellent complies with all known regulations limiting the less water and less exempt solvent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of architectural coatings and sealers.

Stand Off SLX100 Water & Oil Repellent combines water and oil repellency to prevent staining by waterborne and oily substances. This modified 'neat' silane system offers invisible protection and low volatility.

The small molecular structure of SLX100 allows for maximum penetration at coverage rates higher than that of conventional silanes. Depth of penetration is controlled by the application rate (loading rate). This makes SLX100 ideal for protecting granite and other dense,color-sensitive surfaces. Additionally, SLX100 forms an effective chloride screen that reduces surface erosion and corrosion of rebar in reinforced concrete caused by water and water-carried salts.

  • Normally won’t create color change, even on dense surfaces.
  • Provides long-lasting protection.
  • Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap moisture.
  • Coverage rate higher than typical water repellents or other stain-resistant impregnators.
  • Resists oil and food stains. Does not form a surface film or gloss.
  • Excellent surface beading when compared with conventional “neat” silanes.
  • Complies with all known national and state AIM VOC regulations.

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