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OH100 Consolidation Treatment

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OH100 Consolidation Treatment

Of all materials currently and historically employed in construction, masonry is one of the most durable.What has become apparent in recent years, however, is that masonry materials are not as enduring as once believed.

Placed in contemporary urban environments, these "timeless" materials decay at an alarming rate.Some deterioration may be attributed to the masonry's natural weathering process. The majority of the deterioration, however , is the result of oversights in use and maintenance of the masonry,and of the impact that industrialization has had on our environment, (i.e. "acid deposition").

The intent of all conservation treatments is to restore the structural integrity to crumbling, decaying masonry and/or provide a means of controlling future decay.The failure of many conservation treatments lies in their inherent dissimilarity to the masonry for which they are proposed as a preservative.

When selecting a conservation treatment, an important consideration is to identify those treatments with physical and chemical characteristics similar to the masonry itself.

Conservare Consolidation Treatments are based on silicic ethyl esters .Their extremely small molecular structure enables them to penetrate deeply into deteriorated masonry surfaces, collecting at contact points between individual stone grains. An internal catalyst and atmospheric humidity then convert the liquid consolidant into a glass-like silicon dioxide (Si02) gel which binds the stone particles together.

Exhibiting chemical characteristics and thermal expansion/contraction characteristics which are virtually identical to that of natural stone, the newly deposited Si02 cementing matrix replaces the stone's natural cement which has been lost due to weathering influences.

Description and use

Conservare OH100 is a ready-to-use consolidation treatment that stabilizes masonry by replacing the natural binding materials, lost due to weathering, with silicon dioxide.When properly applied, Conservare OH100 penetrates deeply, does not form a dense surface crust, and retains the substrate's natural vapor permeability. In addition to the general consolidation of severely deteriorated masonries, Conservare® OH100 is an effective pretreatment for friable substrates that need to be strengthened before cleaning, patching or coating. Conservare OH100 may be used on most types of natural stone, concrete, stucco, brick, terra cotta, etc.


  • One component -- easy-to-use. Strengthens deteriorated stone.
  • Low viscosity allows deep penetration. Will not form hardened surface crust.
  • The new binder is mineral -- similar to the original stone -- no synthetic polymers.
  • Rapid tack free drying -- no dirt attraction.
  • Forms no byproducts harmful to the masonry.
  • Good vapor permeability -- treated surfaces "breathe."
  • New binder is acid resistant -- resists acid rain.
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