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Natural Stone Treatment

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Natural Stone Treatment

Description and use

Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment is a general purpose siloxane water repellent developed for limestone, marble and most other traditional masonry surfaces. Natural Stone Treatment penetrates deeply to provide long-lasting protection without altering the natural appearance of the substrate.

Unlike conventional siloxane water repellents, Natural Stone Treatment is modified for effectiveness on most limestone, marble and other calcareous surfaces. The product provides superior water repellent protection to more common silane, siloxane, acrylic or metallic stearate water repellents.

Manufactured and marketed in compliance with USEPA VOC regulations (40 CFR 59.403).

  • Treated surfaces retain natural vapor permeability.
  • Small molecular size allows deep penetration.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Will not form a surface film or gloss.
  • Alkali resistant — protects new or existing mortar and grout joints.
  • Reduces atmospheric soiling.
  • May damage glass or be difficult to remove. Always protect.
  • Product will not compensate for structural or material defects.

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