1. Mosmatic Universal

Mosmatic Universal

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Mosmatic Universal

With this multi-functional surface cleaner, you are ideally equipped to clean any kind of surface. You can tackle brick walls, boat hulls, jetties, stadium steps, pavements, windows, etc., efficiently and easily. The economy line is available in various models and can be put into operation quickly thanks to its simple assembly.
Bendable or Linear swivel
This specially designed swivel joint is outstanding for cleaning surfaces and walls and enables fatigue-free cleaning thanks to its bendable swivel joint. The swivel joint with reinforced, self-lubricating bearings made of stainless steel and a carbide gasket system specially developed for high revolutions ensures long-lasting durability. Comes in a linear version enabling it to be connected directly to the high-pressure pistol.

Relax-Action Function
Ease of use and fatigue-protection thanks to a high-pressure pistol with ergonomic relax-action function.

Splash protection
The brush ring prevents splashing and injuries from loose pebbles. It is soft and elastic but extremely effective thanks to the thickness of the bristles.

INOX castors
The surface cleaner can be maneuvered easily and quickly, saving you time and energy. This is also the case for smaller models with plastic castors.

Polished stainless steel (INOX)
A Robust and an optically elegant design are the priorities Mosmatic sets for its products. There is no question of using anything but polished stainless steel (INOX) for all of our products.

The surface cleaner is delivered almost completely pre-assembled. After opening the carton, the wand just has to be attached to the bendable swivel joint and high-pressure pistol according to the instructions enclosed. The surface cleaner is then immediately ready for operation.

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