1. Mosmatic Rotary Unions

Mosmatic Rotary Unions

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Mosmatic Rotary Unions The suitable rotary unions for every use

Small or large revolutions? High or low flow amounts? High or low pressure? Depending on the use or requirement in mind, the extensive and versatile Mosmatic rotary unions assortment will provide you with the product you need.

The rotary unions are designed for 150 psi up to 5000 psi depending on the model. These are the most commonly used pressures in car wash systems. We also offer 7300 psi upon request.

The Mosmatic assortment includes slow-turning rotary unions with a maximum of 30 RPM (e.g. for hose connections) as well as fast-turning rotary unions with up to 2000 RPM for automatic car wash systems.

Depending on the model, maximum airflow temperatures of 40°F up to 250°F are possible.

Smooth rotations and maintenance-free
Thanks to well-planned construction of the inner components, the rotary unions are absolutely smooth and resistance-free. The compact design is completely maintenance-free and guarantees longevity of the product.

Stainless steel 100% rust-free
The Mosmatic rotary unions are guaranteed rust-free thanks to polished stainless steel (INOX) construction.

Straight or 90°
The product range includes straight rotary unions as well as angled rotary unions (90°).

High-pressure guns, hose connections, hydraulics, ceiling booms, car washes, automatic car wash systems, parts washer, tire cleaner or self rotating applications.

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