1. Mosmatic Roof Cleaner

Mosmatic Roof Cleaner

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Mosmatic Roof Cleaner

Safety, stability and cleaning results, of course, take centre stage here. The roof cleaner is an industrial-quality machine that can clean roofs very quickly and efficiently, while the operator stands safely and securely on the roof’s ridge. This cleaner delivers optimal performance under harsh conditions. The housing can also be adjusted vertically and the wheels can be adjusted laterally. This enables you to set up the machine for optimal cleaning on all types of roofs.

Height and width adjustable
The roof cleaner is adjustable up to 3.54" extended width and 1.3" in height. It works for any type of roof design adding safety and stability.

High quality swivel
The centerpieces of a Mosmatic Surface Cleaner is it's swivel. It is reinforced with self lubricating, stainless steel ball bearings with a carbide gasket system. They are specially designed for high revolutions ensuring long lasting durability.

Rotor arm
The turbo rotary arm must withstand high revolutions, so a precision robot takes over the necessary welding tasks. The rotary arm is also counterbalanced and precisely equilibrated, which prevents dangerous vibrations.

Splash protection
The brush ring prevents splashing and injuries from loose pebbles. It is soft and elastic but extremely effective thanks to the thickness of the bristles.

With its four, lightly rotating rollers, the Mosmatic roof cleaner can be easily and safely positioned on the roof. This also ensures that the machine can be manoeuvred smoothly and safely when in use. The large rollers make it possible to clean all commercially available types of roof tiles.

When cleaning different types of roofs, the Manometer monitors pressure. This guarantees the control needed so that you are working with the optimal pressure level. Depending on the texture of the roof and the type of dirt, you will need to work with a different pressure level.

Ball valve
The roof cleaner has a ball valve to switch the water high-pressure flow on and off.

Safety eyelet / Rotary connection
In order to secure the cleaner on the roof when it is under stress while cleaning, the machine features a safety eyelet. This gives you the possibility of attaching a safety rope with a carabiner.

An optional adapter is offered to reduce the distance between the nozzles and the surface. Depending on the texture of the roof and the type of dirt, it could be beneficial to make use of this attachment. The distance can be reduced by up to 1.2" with this adapter.

Polished stainless steel (INOX)
A Robust and an optically elegant design are the priorities Mosmatic sets for its products. There is no question of using anything but polished stainless steel (INOX) for all of our products.

The surface cleaner is delivered pre-assembled. After opening the carton, the hose and the safety rope just have to be assembled according to the instructions enclosed. The surface cleaner is then immediately ready for operation.

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