1. Klindex Minielle Edger - Rental

Klindex Minielle Edger - Rental

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Part Number: 703

The Minielle  is a great machine for smaller jobs in homes, offices and rooms. It is a grinder and polisher with a multiple types of tools for many different needs. All metal construction and adjustable to any angle or stair size. Available in 110 volt  single phase. The size and weight allow for easy loading and unloading at the jobsite and to carry up stairs or to a landing. The Minielle is very versatile, and can be used for Grinding, Buffing and polishing. The machine has a very powerful motor with forward and reverse, the head runs at 900 RPM this also means that this machine is vastly more versatile.
Minielle is the ideal solution for grinding and polishing for stairs, small bathrooms, edges, corners and any narrow area. And the work is done standing up. 

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