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HCT Finishing Rinse

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HCT Finishing Rinse

Description and use

CONSERVARE Hydroxylating Conversion Treatment (HCT) is a novel, two-component, waterborne treatment which protects and strengthens deteriorating carbonate building stones such as marble, limestone, dolomite and travertine.

CONSERVARE HCT (patents pending) forms a stable, well-adhered, hydroxylated, conversion layer on carbonate mineral grains. This conversion layer dramatically increases the resistance of marble and limestone surfaces to acid attack, and improves the ability of a variety of chemical compositions to react with or bond to such surfaces.


  • Consolidating effect - Produces "bridges" at points of grain contact which strengthen sugaring/granulating marble surfaces.
  • Activating effect - Improves adhesion and performance of CONSERVARE® Consolidation Treatments. Enhances adhesion of cementitious and other repair materials.
  • Passivating effect - Dramatically reduces dissolution of carbonate stones in acid rain.
  • Penetration - Improves surface wetting to assure deep penetration of conservation treatments through the weathered surface zone to sound stone. Minimizes potential for delamination or flaking of treated layers.
  • Water Vapor Permeability - Treated surfaces retain natural water vapor permeability.
  • Thermal Expansion Characteristics - Compatible with carbonate building stones.
  • Durability - Conversion layer not subject to bio-deterioration, UV degradation, dissolution in water or acid rain solutions.
  • Appearance - Colorless and UV stable.
  • Soiling Characteristics - Reduces biological soiling of carbonate surfaces.
  • Curing requirements - Reacts on contact. Treated surfaces are ready for subsequent treatments or surface repairs upon drying.
  • Safety - Odorless, waterborne formulation is safe to use, harmless to the environment. Requires no special precautions for handling or clean-up.

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