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Maximum abrasive content, tear resistant and long wearing. Wide open mesh construction allows solutions to flow through without loading and build up. Highly aggressive, 5/8" thick is the toughest of them all. Use with 175 - 300 RPM machines.
Our most popular stripping pad designed for heavy-duty wet stripping. Very aggressive texture to remove wax, dirt and any finish. Tough, durable and built to perform. Use with 175 - 300 RPM machines.
A very strong pad for wet or dry stripping applications. Quickly removes wax, dirt and old finish leaving surface ready for immediate recoating. Use with 175 - 300 RPM machines.
Our toughest duty, most aggressive scrubbing pad for heavily soiled areas.Best when used for wet scrubbing or light stripping. Very durable and long lasting. Use with 175 - 300 RPM machines.
This pad is designed for wet scrubbing or medium-duty spray cleaning. Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks on most floor surfaces. This pad will remove the top layer of floor finish. Use with 175 - 350 RPM machines.
Restores gloss while removing scuff marks and dirt on medium traffic areas. Can be used dry or spray buffing to produce a sparkling shine. Ideal for automatic scrubbing. Use with 350 - 800 RPM machines.
Designed to stand up to the high heat and strength required with Propane burnishing. This pad produces a very high gloss finish. Performs well on soft to medium surfaces. Use with machines up to 3000 RPM.
This popular extra fine pad is formulated for polishing clean, dry floors. A fine water mist is used to produce a high gloss wet look. This thick pad is ideal for polishing soft waves on wood floors. Use with 350 - 800 RPM machines.
The perfect pad for light cleaning and dry buffing. Removes scuffs and black heel marks while producing a high gloss shine. Use with 350 - 800 RPM machines.
A UHS Pad that lightly polishes softer floor finishes. This pad is thick and soft. Ideal for top dressing to a reflective gloss. Use with machines up to 3000 RPM.
This is the most aggressive burnishing pad available. The ideal combination of natural hair and synthetic fiber to provide a "wet-look" shine. Best suited for hard finishes with speeds up to 3000 RPM.
This is an aggressive burnishing pad that combines a heavy blend of natural hair with the proper amount of synthetic fiber. Best suited for medium to hard finishes with speeds of 1500 to 3000 RPM.
A controlled blend of Polyester and natural hair fibers makes this a versatile UHS Pad. The lubricating effect of natural hair produces the wet look finish while providing strength and durability. Use with machines up to 3000 RPM.