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PRO POWDER 2000 The most advanced, most powerful emulsifier on this planet. Guaranteed to out-perform all others. PH buffered for maximum performance
Color safe oxygen booster helps restore brightness.
Corrosion inhibitors protect your equipment.
Natural solvents cut oily soils quickly.
Anti-resoiling agent for greater customer satisfaction.
Water softening agent to improve performance and reduce the cleaning chemical required.
Odor neutralizers built in for pleasant fragrance.
Low foam for trouble free cleaning.
Pro's Choice "Extreme Clean" will help you in extreme conditions. It is designed for use in commercial applications such as Restaurants, Apartments, Etc. To reduce your cleaning time. " Extreme Clean" is a maximum strength high pH concentrate with all the additives, builders and solvents you need for extreme greasy carpet. It is a dual purpose cleaner. You can use it as a pre-spray or as an extraction emulsifier.
Pro's Choice "Baby Safe" is a completely biodegradable safer cleaner that utilizes natural oxygen released during the cleaning process to brighten textiles and destroy microorganisms. When used as directed, "Baby Safe" will give you a cleaner, brighter, fresher, residue free clean. "Baby Safe" contains no solvents, no butyl, no surfactants, no soaps, and no chlorieds. Carpets cleaned with "Baby Safe" stay clean longer because no residue is left behind to cause re-soiling or contribute to chemical sensitivities. Dilution: Up to 2 oz. to a gallon water PH at dilution: 8 Container Sizes: 6.5 lbs., 25 lbs., and 40 lbs. Form: Powder
Natural Fiber Cleaner is designed to safely and thoroughly clean those difficult to clean natural textiles, such as Haitian and Natural Cottons, that are prone to yellowing and browning. You will find this product to be helpful in restoring fabrics that have been discolored due to improper cleaning procedures. Restores clean white color to dingy upholstery.
EnergyBrand new chemistry to solve an old problem. Pro's Choice "Energy" dramatically improves your cleaning solutions ability to break the strong bond that holds soil to Olefin and Polyester fibers.
Pro's Choice "Soil Release" extraction solution is a high performance cleaner designed for use on all generations of nylon or olefin carpets. Soil Release was designed to be extremely effective with or without hot water and is compatible with most enzyme based odor treatments. You'll love the fresh clean fragrance it leaves.
Last StepThis is a great product you won't be without once you experience its performance. More than an acetic textile rinse. This unique product works to remove cleaning agents from carpet and to reduce wicking and reoccurring spots.
Pro's Choice "Quick Dry" is a water soluble dry cleaning concentrate. It's quick drying, high performance makes it an excellent concentrate for bonnet cleaning. Anti re-soiling agents prevent early re-soiling from residual solutionColor enhances restore luster to worn carpet fibers. Drying agents result in very fast dry time Odor Neutralizers leave the carpet with a fresh and clean scent.