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EIFS Clean 'N Prep

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EIFS Clean 'N Prep

Enviro Klean EIFS Clean 'N Prep is a noncaustic, nonacidic phosphate and solvent-free cleaner for general maintenance and recoat-prep cleaning of EIFS and related substrates.

Description and use

Enviro Klean EIFS Clean 'N Prep has been developed to clean exterior insulated finish systems. It removes residues of mud, algae, grease, oil and food staining from exterior insulated finish systems, but can also be used on concrete, brick, natural stone, ceramic tile, most metal, wood, plastic and most painted surfaces.

Used properly, EIFS Clean 'N Prep will clean and help restore the original appearance of your EIFS structure. Cleaned with EIFS Clean 'N Prep, EIFS surfaces can be more effectively re-coated.

  • Prepares EIFS surfaces for recoating.
  • Removes mud, algae, grease, oil and more from EIFS and other hard surfaces.
  • Safe for interior and exterior cleaning.
  • Cleans many other surfaces, in addition to EIFS.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
Product Data Sheet

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