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Diamond Finishers

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CR48DF 19 ", CR61DF 24 " & CR76DF 30 "  for cement, marble, terrazzo and stone floor planetary finishing machine. 
Link to the brochure(pdf).

A unique finishing system specifically designed for cement, marble, granite, terrazzo and other stone floors, the Cimex CR48 Diamond Finisher allows successive stages of stone floor preparation or restoration to be completed more rapidly and with less effort than is possible with conventional methods. The Diamond Finishing system combines the unique, patented, Cimex three-headed counter rotating system, with a selection of diamond faced finishing discs, graded from coarse to fine to accommodate newly laid floors, heavily worn or damaged stone or surface re-polishing. The generous 6.5 gallon solution tank allows for uninterrupted usage in wet applications. The unique design of this machine maintains constant pressure and avoids uneven cutting and rotational scoring often found with other floor finishing systems. The counter-rotating head system produces greater stability and eliminates the pulling action of single head machines that can lead to operator fatigue. Less fatigue means greater productivity and reduced labor costs. This machine is so safe and simple to use that unskilled personnel can produce professional results.

Heavy-duty planetary motion machine with a superb polishing action.

  • Heavy-duty planetary motion machine with a superb polishing action.
  • Even finish – unique design maintains even pressure, to avoid cutting and scoring.
  • Includes one ballast weights (34lbs.) for added pressure- additional weights available.
  • Fits through most doorways.
  • Levels high spots and lipage
  • Solution delivered through the center of the head reduces splashing and provides even coverage.
  • Interchangeable diamond faced finishing discs or bonded abrasives can be fitted to accommodate various stages of floor surfacing.
  • High productivity makes optimum use of available labor even with minimal training labor.
  • Vacuum port available upon request.
  • 110 volt

Technical Specification

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CR48DF 19 " CR61DF 24 " CR76DF 30 "


Cyclone 48

  Cyclone 61

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Model CR48DF   CR61DF CR76DF
Motor Power (HP) 2     2 2
Head speed (rpm) 880*   400 300 
Tank Capacity (gal) 6.6   6.6 6.6
Working Width (in) 19   24 30
Weight (lbs) 132   180 196
Noise level (db(A)) 65   65 65
Cable length (ft) 50   50 50
Head diameter (in) 8   10 12
voltage 110   110    110
 *400 rpm head speed available upon request.