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Description and use

Enviro Klean Degreaser is a unique combination of new solvent technology and specialized detergents in a water base solution. This new cleaning chemistry provides an effective alternative to aggressive solvent cleaners for many equipment, floor and industrial cleaning applications.

Developed as an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional degreasing solvents, this low-hazard solution quickly removes oil and grease films, adhesive tape residues and rubber tire marks and scuffs from concrete, tile and masonry floors. Enviro Klean Degreaser may also be used in dilute solutions (up to 200:1) for daily cleaning and routine maintenance cleaning.

Enviro Klean Degreaser is suitable for cleaning many surfaces including plastic, vinyl, glass, metal and fiberglass. Removes greasy smoke films and atmospheric dirt from building signs, awnings, canvas materials and tarps. Removes salt and hard water deposits from fiberglass chrome and painted surfaces. May be used in many industrial precision cleaning applications suitable for water base solutions. Excellent general purpose cleaner for pressure injection and degreasing of engines, vehicles and industrial equipment.


  • Contains no caustics or phosphates.
  • Safe replacement for ketone, benzene, chlorinated and aromatic solvent cleaners.
  • Contains no chlorinated, florinated, aromatic or hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Low hazard, low toxicity. Contains no aromatic or chlorinated solvents. Nonflammable, non-caustic and water soluble.
  • Concentrated for economy — dilute with 5 to 200 parts water.
  • Quickly cuts and emulsifies all types of grease and oil.
  • Removes many adhesives and paint residues.
  • Apply with brush, low pressure spray or high pressure injection.
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