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CIMEX "The World's Best Scrubber" The Cimex (CR48SC 19 inch) features three 400-RPM counter-rotating brushes. For carpet cleaning the planetary action of the scrubbing heads address all sides of the fiber with each pass. For floor stripping, scrubbing, tile and grout cleaning - you'll find the Cimex scrubs deeper than any scrubber you've ever operated. The machine includes a large 6.6 gallon tank. You can expect HIGH carpet cleaning production rates (2,000-3,000 square feet per hour)! Solidly built for years of tough service. ENCAPSULATING CARPET CLEANING TECHNOLOGY The Correct Chemistry Using great equipment is only half of the equation. Using the right chemistry is essential too. CTI Brush and Bonnet combines a unique crystallizing polymer along with advanced fluorochemical technology. The result is non-sticky residue that can’t attract other soil and can thereby be extracted with post-vacuuming. This eliminates wicking and recurring spills. And carpets will stay cleaner longer!

No job is too tough for this rugged series of floor machines from EDIC. With its all-metal construction and steel planetary gear boxes, the Saturn can stand up to the heaviest workloads, yet the ride is surprisingly smooth and quiet. The low speed models are built specifically to handle the stress associated with stripping and scrubbing hard floor surfaces as well as bonnet cleaning and shampooing carpets. Features like the quick and easy handle adjustment, anti-fatigue design, and the exclusive "lockout lever" for safe two-handed start up make this machine operator friendly and a winner in every commercial setting. Available in six different models, there is a perfect low speed Saturn for any size job.
Available in traditional style or new 17" compact design with fold-down handle! The Saturn burnishers make it simple to bring a smooth, super highgloss luster to any hard floor surface. Watching these machines in action will make anyone a believer! The perfect combination of weight and high speed produces a spectacular finish in record time. Brand new to the line-up is a 17" 2000 RPM model with a fold-down handle and a special compressed design for the ultimate in portability and storage plus greater maneuverability in tight spaces. Our traditional 20" models are available in 1500 or 2000 RPM and both the traditional and fold-down models are designed with an all-metal construction including stainless steel brush cover, making them as durable as they are dependable. All models come complete with flex-lock pad driver.
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