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Cash Pads

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Cash Pads
Cash Pads (for maintenance)
Finishing pads after Cash Dots or for regular maintenance to maintain shine

The new CASH Diamond Polishing System from Substrate Technology is designed for use on Marble and Terrazzo floors for restoration or regular maintenance. Proprietary diamond mixture and patent pending driver system allows for use on common burnishers, floor scrubbers, and low-speed electric buffers.

The CASH Diamond Polishing pads are excellent for Casinos, Convention Centers, Airports, Schools, Hotels, and anywhere else that quick and effective polishing of concrete, terrazzo, marble, and granite is required. 

Use with water! No chemical is required to achieve shine.

Available in 17"and 20" sizes to fit most electric buffers.
Available in
  • 800 grit
  • 1500 grit
  • 3000 grit

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