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Brushes & Pad Drivers

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Brushes & Pad Drivers

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  Natural Fiber (Anti-static)
This scrub brush is made of natural material, and is safe for use on all
surfaces. This brush will not produce a static charge.
Yellow Polypropylene
This scrub brush is safe for use on most surfaces. It’s great for economical
general scrubbing.
White Nylon
This heavy duty and long lasting brush is safe for scrubbing on hard
fl ooring surfaces.
Yellow Poly/Bronze Mix
This specialized cleaning brush has a mixture of polypropylene and
bronze wire bristles to give a unique gentle/aggressive cleaning.
Nylo Grit Scrub Brush
This brush is for aggressive scrubbing of concrete and stripping of resilient
fl oors like terrazzo, and tile. The nylon bristles are impregnated with
80 grit silicone carbide to give that extra scrubbing bite to any dirty job.
Nyhair 75/25
This brush is used for polishing hard fl ooring.

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Velcro Pad Drivers
Its secure locking system allows for effective use of Diamond Resin Pads
and accessories.
Instalock Pad Drivers
3M Instalock material coupled with Lite-prep SPE driver and foam backing
allows for scrubbing pads of all types to be securely held in position.

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