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Bona Deep Clean System

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Bona Deep Clean System

Combines a Bona PowerScrubber and Bona Deep Clean Solution to effectively and easily clean your hardwood floors.

The Bona Deep Clean System removes the toughest dirt and grime from your hardwood floors to safely protect your investment, leaving you with beautiful hardwood floors that will last a lifetime.
The fast, easy and effective way to spruce up your hardwood floors for holidays, special occasions and spring cleaning!
• Economical – Bona recommends 4x a year to protect your hardwood floor investment

Bona PowerScrubber

The Bona PowerScrubber is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine. When used with the Bona Deep Clean Solution, it removes the toughest dirt and grime from hardwood floors.
500 square feet in under one hour  

Low VOC's and fumes    

Protects floors
Can work around furniture 


Keeps looking good
No need to vacate home   

Won’t harm floors 


Link to Instructional Video

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