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Pro's Choice "Baby Safe" is a completely biodegradable safer cleaner that utilizes natural oxygen released during the cleaning process to brighten textiles and destroy microorganisms. When used as directed, "Baby Safe" will give you a cleaner, brighter, fresher, residue free clean. "Baby Safe" contains no solvents, no butyl, no surfactants, no soaps, and no chlorieds. Carpets cleaned with "Baby Safe" stay clean longer because no residue is left behind to cause re-soiling or contribute to chemical sensitivities.
Because allergy sufferers may be sensitive to solvents, perfumes or other hazardous materials, use Anti-Allergen Hypo-Allergenic Pre-Spray on carpets, upholstery and mattresses.
Dust Mite Anti-Allergen deactivates the allergen in dust mite feces that triggers the body's allergic response.
The final removal of soil and allergens is accomplished with Anti-Allergen Hypo-Allergenic Rinse.
Anti-Allergen Deodorizer does not contain perfumes, solvents or pesticides. Uses an oxidizing agent to counteract pet urine and other malodors.
Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer is a consumer treatment for new filters that traps allergens but does not affect the air flow through the system.