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Ace TurboDryer®The latest technologyIn the ISDT Age, you need the airmover that can do everything: you need the Ace! The Ace TurboDryer is the newest in a long line of airmover innovations from Dri-Eaz. It takes all of the lessons learned over the last thirty years of restoration and combines them into the ultimate airmover design.ISDT-compliantToday's ISDT-compliant airmover should be versatile, so the Ace features 7 different positions. It should be powerful, so the Ace features 2000 CFM (Tested). It should also be energy-conscious, so the Ace draws an amazingly low 1.5 amps. * Incredibly low amp draw * Seven-position versatility * Dry structures fast with 2000 Actual CFM * Stackable for operation and storage * Legendary Dri-Eaz durability
The Dri-Eaz Santana SX is a stackable airmover that offers plenty of drying power. Plus it leaves plenty of space for your other equipment! Features low amp draw and an ergonomic "dogbone" handle for comfortable transport. * A stackable TurboDryer! * Low amp draw * Lightweight at only 25 lb * Two speeds and three positions
The Dri-Eaz Sahara Pro is the "deluxe" airmover for the professional restorer. It boasts a low amp draw of only 4.7 amps but still provides plenty of power and versatility for every water damage job * Low amp draw! * Up to 2700 CFM * Three speeds and four positions for versatility * Patented SafeGrip carpet clamp
Sahara Pro-HP TurboDryer®For a high-power airmover, look no further than the Dri-Eaz Sahara Pro-HP. Its 1.0 hp motor provides up to 3500 CFM and tremendous static pressure for the fastest drying. * Powerful 1.0 hp motor * Incredible 3.0" of static pressure * Three speeds and four positions for versatility * Designed for use with the TurboVent, TurboVent 48" and TurboDuct attachments
Vortex Axial FanThis Dri-Eaz airmover will ventilate confined spaces through up to 125 feet of Sto&Go ducting. The Vortex uses a 12" axial fan blade to pull musty air out or propel fresh air in to inaccessible areas. It's also an ideal choice for drying large open areas like gyms, concrete pads, hallways, etc. * Powerful 1.0 hp motor * Built-in handle * Stackable for storage! * Operate standalone or with Sto&Go ducting
AirWolf/WolfPack Hardwood Floor Drying System Dry Hardwoods Fast! The AirWolf uses an unbeatable combination of CFM and static pressure to literally force water out of damaged hardwood floors. The WolfPack system directs the high-velocity airflow of the AirWolf into the flutes between the flooring and the subfloor. This way the floor actually dries from the bottom out. Avoid Refinishing Costs The AirWolf/WolfPack can dry out a hardwood floor in as little as 3 days! By drying fast from beneath, the AirWolf/WolfPack system can help reduce or eliminate cupping and associated refinishing costs. This means no sanding! Now that's a valuable service to offer your customers. The world's best hardwood floor drying system Up to 800 CFM and 7.75" of static pressure Powerful 1.0 hp motor Stack the AirWolf for storage Carrying case included for WolfPack attachments
Jet CXV TurboDryer