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Set up easily & work fast!

Dry out water-damaged hardwoods from above! The Rescue Mat System uses the power of a high-pressure blower like the DriForce to vacuum water vapor right through the surface of the floor. Two different sizes make it easy to custom fit your Rescue Mat System to any floor layout. Setup is fast and simple with just one hose connection per mat Two separate sizes for mix-and-match versatility No taping necessary! Gasket-edge provides a powerful seal An ideal complement to the Airwolf/WolfPack Complete system includes: 4 46” x 30” mats 2 23” x 30” mats 3 7’ hose with cuffs 2 Connector sleeves 6 Hose cuffs 5 T-connectors 1 Gasket roll

Whether you pull the pad or you don't, the first step to making any flood job easier, faster, and more profitable is to start with subsurface extraction using the Water Claw. Proven on thousands of flood restorations worldwide. Water Claw flood extractors are a "must have" tool for the full-service professional. Can extract about 1200 sq. ft. per hour. Added Features: -vacuum release. -Spring loaded handle automatically breaks vacuum between the carpet and tool for easier and faster flood extraction. -Telescoping handle easily adjusts for different operators. - Newly designed bottom plate for improved sub-surface extraction. - Angled metal hose flange for greater durability accepts 1.5" or 2" hose cuffs. - Heavy duty carrying pouch can be mounted on the wall of your van or shop.