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150 Desiccant Dehumidifier

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DriTec™ 150 Desiccant Dehumidifier The DriTec 150 desiccant dehumidifier uses a silica gel rotor to adsorb moisture from the air. It exhausts this moisture to the outside through a damp stream of ducted air. Since a desiccant does not depend on air temperature or dewpoint to remove moisture, it's an excellent choice for difficult or specialty drying situations. Use for hardwoods, books, documents and non-porous materials. * Up to 140 CFM * Runs on standard 115V circuit * Operates from 0° to 100° F * Epoxy-coated metal housing * Built-in duct ring * Collapsible handle
DRITEC 150 DESICCANT SPECS Model F212 Type Desiccant Height 35" / 88 cm Width 21" / 53 cm Depth 22" / 56 cm Use Weight 78 lb / 35 kg Operating Range 0° to 100° F (-18° to 38° C) CFM Rating 140 (110 Process/30 Reactivation) Controls Lighted splash-guard Water Pump-Out Reactivated air Air Filter Cleanable foam Wheels Thermoformed plastic Handle Collapsible metal Housing Epoxy-coated metal Power 115V 10 amps Warranty 7-year limited UL Listed Yes

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