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Precision Hygro-Thermometer(MO260)

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Precision Hygro-Thermometer(MO260)



Highest 2% RH accuracy
With Grains per Pound (GPP) and Grams per Kilogram (g/kg) measurement

  • Less than 30 second RH response time
  • Water vapor in GPP (g/kg)
  • Dual backlit display
  • Simultaneous display of:
    Humidity or GPP (g/kg) plus Temperature
    Humidity or GPP (g/kg) plus Dew Point
    Humidity or GPP (g/kg) plus Wet Bulb
  • Slim design with rubberized sides for better grip and for one hand operation
  • Data Hold and Min/Max functions
  • Auto power off with disable and low battery indicator
  • Complete with carrying case and 9V battery

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